01:01:05 NEW NOVEL

  1. As mentioned in the previous post, this is the start and continuing draft of a new novel about future political resurrection of humankind out of apocalyptical chaos which this world is about to face. The story begins and is set in South Africa where conflict between poverty and affluence is becoming apparent.
  2. The book is entitled Enclaves because coming global political and trade chaos is going to resolve into multitudes of independent sovereign enclaves.
  3. The opening scene is a remote gravel road in South Africa running along the Mopeli River that leads to a farm east of a town called Clocolan. The farm borders a landlocked country called Lesotho. You might like to do a “Satellite” search on your computer maps app to get a feel of the remote (yet agriculturally vibrant) aspect of that area. I suggest you scroll around the areas of Clocolan, Mopeli River and the beautiful mountainous area of Lesotho.


Despite the corrugations in the dirt road that rattled his small speeding VW Golf car into ruin, Luke Rekkab was happy; for he was on his way to his brother’s farm, and not far from it. The narrow road twisted and turned with the meandering of the Mopeli River that flowed from Clocolan towards the Lesotho border. He had to slow down occasionally to negotiate causeways constructed over river crossings, then he would speed up again into his rattling noisy impetus.

Nevertheless, he was happy, whistling the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as he drove along. Luke was a happy guy. His life motto was Happy thoughts, Good thoughts, Happy words, Good words Happy deeds and Good deeds. That is the way he lived his life, always thinking happy thoughts, thinking Good thoughts, speaking Happy words that were Good words, and doing Good deeds that he designed to make people feel Happy. Whenever things went wrong for him, he would remind himself, “Come on Luke, get yourself into HG-HG-HG”. And in this mood he whistled himself happily along his bumpy ride.

Then, all of a sudden, as he rounded a twist in the road, he was confronted by a large stationary Ford spread-eagled across the narrow road. As he approached it, suddenly all four doors opened and out popped four evil looking men like slippery bars of soap oozing out of squeezed hands. These guys were certainly not HG-HG-HG; they were clearly Villain Evil (VE) in their thinking, Villain Evil (VE) in their shouting and Villain Evil (VE) in their deedless un-goodliness. Adrenaline spiked rapidly into Luke’s veins, which very effectively replaced all of the HG-HG-HG he had had in his head with flight response that took over his body and actions as he observed the scene before him of VE-VE-VE.

He instantly saw a gap between the open doors of the car and a steep earth embankment on the side of the road and accelerated into that gap and through it, much to the surprise and annoyance of the depraved villainous ambushers.

The small VW Golf was nimble in handling the twists and turns of the narrow gravel road, and as Luke sped past, he could see in his rear-view mirror that the miscreants had piled back into the Ford which was now accelerating to chase after him. In an attempt to shake off his pursuers, Luke took a skid-turn into a side road and sped fast. He could not shake them off and the chase went on for some time before Luke was confronted by another obstacle – a herd of cattle in the road.

* * *

Luke’s sister, Anna-Marie Rekkab, lived in Pretoria, a city quite distant from the road upon which Luke was travelling. She was walking home after her day at work. It was about five o’clock in the evening, just as Luke was fleeing from his pursuers. and she had a strange premonition that Luke was not in his usual Happy thought, Happy words and Happy deeds state of mind.

He had promised to phone her at work upon his safe arrival at the farm, which ought to have been at about four o’clock. His lack of calling her caused her some concern. There was not much she could do about that but she determined that she would call him as soon as she got home.


Raising Survivalist Prepping Communities


  1. A united family is a unity of individuals who are linked by blood.
  2. A community is a group of people linked together by a common objective. If four families in a street decide to become a sovereign enclave of devotees to grow food and raise chickens “as a community”, they need a leader to lead them into their enclave of sovereignty.
  3. Communities of such devotees will never rise up unless leaders who are passionate about establishing community survivalist movements rise up to raise those movements.
  4. So, going forward, this blog will be a fictional account of an imaginary character who makes a decision to become a leader of a sovereign community of food producing prepping survivalists who create their own independent enclave and who have a barter arrangement to trade with each other.
  5. They create their own cryptocurrency system which is the oil that runs their sovereign mutual enclave free from Government interference or taxation.
  6. This fictional community will set up its own defence system against looters, thieves and terrorists.
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Survival in Chaos


  1. When anarchy arises, one has to have had a plan for survival. The first on the list of this plan is to have secure secret storage of dry foods such oats, maize meal, rice and flour, and of wet foods of canned items; and you have to have a pre-planned known secure water supply. These choices are individual to each prepper.
  2. However, when it comes to “long term” food, water and personal security, you cannot plan on an individual basis. It has to be done in community. A trust has to be formed amongst a neighbourhood or brotherhood of survivalists and preppers. This brotherhood must be totally inclusive of like-minded people and totally exclusive of an “us and them” mentality. Religious, racist, sexist, class, poverty or disability prejudices must be completely eliminated. The only criteria should be that the neighbourhood or brotherhood are like-minded survivalist people yoked together with ubiquitous ideas. Those who are not, are simply not included because they are not devotees of the yoke.
  3. Never forget that the starving and warring around you will steal your food to satisfy their hunger, and they may descend into terrorism to create looting and more chaos, so they would clearly not be part of The Two Worlds Together (TWT) Yoke. I will deal with this aspect in a future post, but basically your aim ought to be that you move yourselves into a place where they are not.
  4. Another reason for developing COMMUNITIES of TWT Yokes of devotees is that it is impossible to grow vegetables and care for livestock for future food “on your own”. You need Yokes of devoted people to stop insects and browsing animals from destroying your unprotected primary production, and you need many hands to nurture the productivity.  

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Two Worlds Together


  1. Most people are currently employed to use or produce goods and materials made of metal, steel, concrete, and oil-based chemicals. All of these employment endeavours pollute planet Earth. Some small enclaves (such as the Amish or small villages) are able to live peaceful and joyful community lives with minimal use of these materials. This is because their communities are centred upon primary agricultural production whereas our polluting world arises out of factory production and the crazy concept of moving metal around our planet to earn incomes.
  2. Pollution issues out of factories using human labour and robots. Agrarian and village communities share their lives and their toil in enclaved sovereignty.
  3. Two Worlds Together prophesy that future human governance will rise up out of associations of enclaved communities similar to the Amish way of living. However, the Amish enclave systems are based on religious ideologies whereas Two Worlds Together propose creation of village enclaves with their constitutions based on secular but spiritual humanistic inclusive community supportive concepts.
  4. Our prophesies of collapsing global systems are not new – it is evident everywhere; we can all see it, from collapsing currencies to collapsing chain supplies, collapsing shipping inventory, emptying spaces in office high-rise buildings, more and more frequent protest marches, food shortages, hyperinflation, collapsing banks and insurance companies, collapse of the travel and holiday sectors, loss of jobs, and increasing homelessness. To make matters more worrisome, this collapsing is just going to get worse, with military ordnance rapidly increasing.
  5. There has got to be change to a new world order to make things better.   

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PROPHESY 01:01:01

We at TWO WORLDS TOGETHER prophesy the following –

  1. Governments of Earth are about to decentralise from Nationalism and Globalism into Independent Enclaves.
  2. People are going to form into sovereign groups to invest in and protect their own communities.
  3. There will be TWO WORLDS TOGETHER that intertwine as one.
  4. The first world will be “Community Mutual Aid and Self Defence” and the second world will be “Community Capitalism and Protection of Assets”.
  5. These sovereign groups will form into Federated Associations.

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GRAVITY 06:01:01

  • The human body has density and is heavy. Density is the space occupied by the weight and content of your body. Another word for your density (the space taken up by your skin plus its contents plus it’s weight) is your body-“mass”.
  • All mass has GRAVITY and each blob of mass in the universe has a “centre of gravity”. You are a centre of gravity. The centre of gravity of every blob of mass in the universe pulls every other centre of gravity in the universe into itself. The Sun pulls Earth, the Earth pulls the Moon and our solar system pulls on every blob of mass in every galaxy in the cosmos.
  • This means that the centre of gravity within you pulls all of the centres of gravity of all the blobs of mass of the entire universe into the centre of you.
  • You are a centre of cosmic gravity.
  • The entire universe is constantly cascading into you.
  • You are quite a big deal.

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God Is In All, Even In Shit

Stegi.io 22/01 God Is In Shit

  • God is the creator of sewage, insanity and suffering and is WITHIN it. All cosmic anger, effluent and insanity is excrement from the process of the entropy of God.
  • God is also light and entropy, and God is dissipation of energy and light into gravity. God is COSMIC ENERGY that is never consumed, but all of that energy conducts into GRAVITY that is never consumed. God is the burning bush seen by Moses (See Exodus 03:02) that is never consumed, even if God forms into miasmic mush, for it all goes into GRAVITY to become future stars.
  • You are the one who creates your own bliss, joy and happiness, and it comes from the empty nothingness within you (WITHINIA). It does not come from God’s shit.
  • Your Dharma, power over bleat and filth and pre-eminence of joy come from your WITHINIAN self, from the empty barrel of gravity within you.
  • You can do little else with God than pick up his shit and offer it to him as a sacrifice; to worship his shit, then wash your hands clean with your exuberant joy.
  • But if the shit outside your WITHINIA smothers you, make sure the shit that comes out of you is smotheringly worse, for God is WITHINIA and you are full of it.

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You Have Two Bodies

Stegi.io 21/01 You Have Two Bodies

  • You have two bodies. (1) The body you live in and (2) The body that is the entire Cosmos. Both bodies belong to you.
  • Your Cosmic body is inside you and you are inside your Cosmic body.
  • The ecology of Earth is inside your Cosmic body which is inside you.
  • If the ecology of Earth (the body of Earth) is sick, you are sick too. You cannot drink sewage water and be healthy. You cannot breathe exhaust fumes and be fully oxygenated. You cannot be alive in stress and expect your body to be at peace. You cannot pollute the sea and expect the fish to provide you with healthy nutrients. You cannot poison insects and expect organic food.
  • It is time for humanity to toil and live together in food producing communities of local organic economies

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Karma and Dharma

stegi.io 20/01 Karma and Dharma

  • If you buy a car, you create KARMA, your Karma being the effort and suffering you have to go through to keep it “yours”. You have to buy it petrol, maintain it, pay the instalments and insurance and government registration; these things are the Karma you have created by purchasing the car. You also create pollution and road deterioration, so your Karma is not limited to you, for it spreads into the community too. Then, when your car becomes scrap, you have been part of the creation of ecological damage.
  • What about DHARMA? Dharma is linked to your desires and your need for fame. Dharma is the spiritual element in you that “pushes” you into the decisions you make in life. You can buy a simple car to get you to golf and shopping and your place of work, or your Dharma can motivate you to buy a pink hot-rod because you love the art form of that pink hot-rod. Perhaps you are motivated by the fame you feel when impressing your friends
  • Whatever your Dharma, it eventually becomes your Karma, and your Karma only changes when you change your Dharma. Karma and Dharma are based on oriental philosophies but Jesus called it “being born again”. So you can dump your pink hot-rod and walk in sandals any time you chose to change your Dharma with the aim of changing your Karma.

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